Best Laptops Under Rs 1 Lakh Price In India [2021] ​​

Do you want to buy a laptop under Rs. 1 lakh? 

The amount is quite a big price and under this price tag users expect a high-ended laptop. Yes, the amount is quite heavy and you can easily get a good laptop with the advanced graphics card, good-sized memory, ample storage, and superior display.

The laptop designed at this price is meant to run AAA titles along with other heavy processing such as running videos and image editing applications and much more.

But the problem is, every laptop seems equal, at least for a novice. Even for an experienced person, it requires lots of research. It would not be easy to read through hundreds of pages, check the rating, and have a close eye on specification and performance.

So we decided to pull up a comprehensive guide to help users to buy the best laptop under one lakh INR.

Top 10 Best Laptops Under Rs 1 Lakh to Buy:

The laptops in this list would not exactly cost one lakh but would price around this price tag.  Stick to this guide and read the reviews to see which one of them falls right on your need, budget, and criteria.

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1. MSI Gaming GL63

If you are searching for a powerhouse in terms of running the latest games, your search ends with an MSI GL63 gaming laptop. The laptop not only admire for superior gaming performance but impressive audio. It is a lightweight gaming laptop, with backlit keys and plenty of pre-installed software. It also houses a thermal cooling mechanism, so it would not let your specs melted.

The laptop is powered with the 9th generation core Intel I7-9750H processor and offers a clock speeds up to 4.5 GHz. It renders superior powerful processing speed, to help you cater to the heavy processing needs.

To get the gaming performance reaches the next level, it shares a dedicated graphics card of NVidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti of 6GB Speed. The GPU is going to blow you away with the blazing speed of visual processing. This GPU is enough to help you run AAA titles without any glitches.

Look at the screen size of the laptop. It shares 15.6 inches Full HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. You observe an outstanding brightness and wide viewing angle support.

The battery backup of this laptop is on par. It has up to 5 hours of battery runtime and ideal for you to take it around for studying, business and other purposes.

The installed RAM size of the laptop is of 8GB DDR4, enough for users handling heavy processing without getting the speed slowed down. Even if you feel the RAM size is not fitting your needs, extend it up to 32GB.

The storage of the laptop is decorated with a dual-storage option. It has 1TB HDD storage and 256GB SSD storage to offer you speed and space.

Considering the ease of use, and carry it around for business and pleasure, the laptop weighs just 2.3 Kg. You would not find it difficult to carry it around for studies and other purposes.

This gaming laptop implements an efficient thermal solution. The cutting-edge thermal solution lowers down the inside chassis temperature when you are involved in an intense gaming session.

Buyer’s review:

“This is a really good product in terms of performance and cooling. This laptop has the best heat management I’ve ever seen. My usual day includes Gaming, Graphic Designing & App Development. I tried a lot of laptops and this has been the best in each aspect. The SPEAKERS are LOUD and CLEAR. The speakers in this device are the best I’ve ever seen.”


  • Efficient thermal mechanism
  • Backlit keyboard
  • Sturdy construction
  • Efficient gaming performance
  • Dual storage option
  • Extended battery life


  • MS Office and other application comes trial based

2. HP Pavilion 15-dk0051TX 2019

HP is one of the esteemed names in the world of laptop production. The brand is putting its feet into the premium laptop niche. With its HP Pavilion 15 slim and smart looking laptop, you are going to enjoy spellbound gaming performance. This laptop is going to amaze you not only with its unique and subtle construction but its powerful processing capabilities.

The laptop comes with a powerful graphics card of NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 with 4GB dedicated memory. The visual processing power of this generation processor is unmatched. This is taken onboard by avid gamers, to play the latest high-ended games. The graphics card not only assists you in gaming but other tasks such as superior display experience and image processing as well.

The laptop is comes integrated with a fast H-series processor, 9th gen core Intel I7-9750H which can run maximum speed up to 4.5Ghz. The H-series processor is also taken on board for running games due to its impressive performance.

The size of the display of this laptop is around 15.6 inches. This is a perfect size for gamers and entertainment devices seekers. This size is very practical to have a seamless and smooth run of the latest games.  The Full HD screen offers 1920×1080 pixels resolution. Irrespective of the type of gaming, the display proves its power due to in-built memory of 12GB DDR4. This RAM size is more than what a casual, as well as a gamer, would require. If you still feel to have more memory, the extended slot is there to assist you.

The storage section of the laptop is adorned with 1TB HDD and 512GB SSD. The storage option is better than the other enlisted. It fits the needs of regular as well as pro users. You get speed as well as power and get your gaming experience reached the next level.

Hp is famous owing to its extended battery runtime. The laptop shares a good-sized battery; with its Windows 10 home basic operating system you enjoy the premium features of this operating system.

The weight of this laptop falls at 2.5KG, lightweight enough that you can count it on for traveling without feeling the weight of it.

Last but not the least, the laptop at this price should also come equipped with a cutting-edge cooling mechanism. This laptop as well as integrates an advanced cooling mechanism that helps it to reduce the overall temperature and make you enjoy gaming performance.

Buyer’s review:

“It’s a very good laptop for my photography work, very good speed and very good battery life. I am not using this for gaming purposes, so not sure about gaming.

It’s value for money.”


  • Lightweight laptop
  • Sleek and sober construction catching to the eys
  • Efficient gaming beast
  • Ample storage space (1TB HDD plus 512GB SSD)
  • Advanced cooling mechanism


  • HP is not that popular in gaming capabilities

3. ASUS TUF Gaming FX505D

Whether you need a laptop for gaming or entertainment, ASUS TUF Gaming laptop is going to fall right on your expectations. The laptop can be used for heavy and complex processing, image and video editing apps and for gaming as well. It checks all the boxes right and makes an ideal grab for everyone looking for a premium machine under 1 Lakh Rs.

The laptop is powered with AMD Ryzen 7-3750H processor that comes with a base speed of 2.3 GHz and goes up to 4.0 GHz. It comes with 4 cores and 6 MB cache. So, you can see the H-series processor is there, you do not have to worry about the speed and multitasking at all.

It comes with a dedicated GPU so what we expect from a laptop under 1 Lack INR. It shares NVidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card with 6GB video memory. The latest generation GPU offers a seamless video running experience. You can trust on this GPU for any game you wish to run with average to high speed.

The display also meets exactly our expectations. It comes with a 15.6 inches LED backlight display that is equipped with a Full resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The refresh rate of the screen also on par 120Hz, The display also inherited other features such as IPS panels, anti-glaring angles, and large viewing angles to enhance your display experience.

The laptop also shares a built-in memory of 16GB. The installed RAM helps you in multitasking as well. You run as many apps as you wish and switch from one application to the other without any hiccup.

The storage section is adorned with 512GB SSD storage. The laptop though does not offer dual storage, which is clearly a downside but comes with an extra slot to help you extend the space with 1TB HDD. So, with extra money spent, you can fill the extra slot with another 1TB HDD.

It has a 48WHrs lithium-ion battery that stands as long as Five hours. The battery runtime mary varies from person to person. If you do not use multiple applications or not playing games, the runtime may extend up to 8-hours.

The FX505 is a laptop that has an RGB backlighting keyboard. The cutting-edge technology ensures a more accurate typing experience due to its inspired layout with highlighted WASD keys.

For cooling purposes, the laptop inherits hyper-cool technology with the anti-dust cooling system. So you guaranteed an efficient and working cooling mechanism.

Buyer’s review:

“Ran various AAA grade games in ultra-settings, gives decent fps ranging between 60-90. The build is Sturdy as well as Sexy!! The display is sharp and crystal clear you might experience some bottlenecks as GPU is way more powerful than its CPU so consider overclocking it with a cooling pad. If you wish to increase fps beyond normal limits. The SSD is quick! I suggest just Go for it.”


  • Cutting-edge latest GPU GTX 2070
  • Very fast processor enough good to help you processing at a good speed
  • Adequate SSD storage size
  • The screen offers 120Hz refresh rate
  • Superior gaming performance
  • 16GB RAM is enough to help you in multitasking
  • Anti-dust and anti-cool technology
  • RGB backlit enabled keyboard


  • Absence of optical drive
  • Poor webcam

4. Apple MacBook Air

It would be near to crime not to mention Apple. This laptop and smartphone brand has set the bar higher for the rest of the world. This brand has its unique value, construction, performance, and specification. Its designed laptop Apple MacBook Air jammed packed with excellent specifications and features going to enhance the overall computing experience.

The laptop shares a 13.3 inches Retina (2560 x 1600) pixels resolution with True Tone Technology and Touch ID, going to render superior experience. You get superior, buttery, clearer and smoother display experience without facing glitches.

As long as the vital specification of the model concerned, it has an 8th-Generation Intel Core i5 processor with Intel UHD Graphics 617 graphics. The combo is going to amaze you with its unmatched performance.

The added graphics card massively enhances your graphics performance. So, let your hands rolled onto it to get a supreme performance with zero delay time.

The laptop comes in two variants in terms of storage space, you either go with 128GB SSD option or 256 GB, and it is up to you with which you would like to go with. Both variants have 8GB of DDR4 to help you in running more than one application or software.

Another amazing thing about having this Apple-designed air book is that it comes with a built-in stereo speaker that offers super stereo sound.

Yes, the connectivity options on this laptop are limited. We do not expect this less connectivity option at this price range.

The wireless connectivity options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, both are on par. The front-facing camera is quite impressive, 720P FaceTime HD which is good to do the required job.

The best thing and star of the night feature of this machine is its compactness. The laptop is lightweight, just 1.25 Kilograms, easy to carry it around.

Apple claims the battery lasts as long as 12-hours, and after reading the comments of previous users, it seems, they offer quite a good battery life.

Buyer’s review:

“I have had a MacBook pro earlier, so this one’s a welcome change in terms of it being lightweight. My MacBook lasted me a good 10 yrs hope this one does too, although the laptop looks more like a bigger version of the iPhone. Battery life is just as much how you use your phone the entire day you have to charge at night. Same goes with this; if you are using it continuously then you have to charge it at the end of the day. Earlier versions of MacBook pro/air had much better battery life”


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Apple shares built-in stereo speakers
  • 8th generation processor is quite useful
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM does what it should
  • Long-lasting battery


  • 128GB is not what we expect at this price

5. MSI GP63

The blend of the black and red blend has become a signature of the Brand. The laptops are sold in this blend, and we just love this mix-up of colors. This laptop offers the same color as the scheme and it looks ravishing. The laptop looks complete like a sports car, and gives a pure sports bliss.

The laptop comes with a 15.6 inches Full HD screen. It shares 1920 x 1080 resolutions and will be able to help in running games in Full HD but 4K. The display offers superior display without skipping out a single color, due to its 6GB video memory as well.

For the price above 90K INR, you are going to get 16GB DDR4 RAM. The ram size is more than what an avid gamer would require. This size of ram is helpful in running AAA titles without any glitches and hiccups.

The laptop shares a splendid graphics card. With NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 you are going to outshoot, outplay and outrun your competitors. You will be able to play GTA VI, Far Cary 6, Fifa 21 and much more in the row. So, you will be future proof for years to come, and would not have to spend money on housing a new laptop.

As long as the storage is concerned, the laptop comes with a dual-storage option; it shares a 256GB SSD storage and 1TB HDD storage to help your storage and speed needs. Though the mentioned 1TB HDD storage might not fit the needs of an avid gamer, and they would love to see another SSD storage option. But, you get the space to extend the storage, get the right use of the extra money and have the storage extended.

The screen of the gaming laptop under one lakh comes with 120Hz refresh rate and helps the gamers to play any game without any rendering issue.

Buyer’s review:

“The overall processing speed is great. I bought it for gaming and it delivers. In addition to gaming allows me to complete all work-related tasks with the utmost ease. The keyboard lights have a wow factor and I have had many people admire the laptop. It is a bit heavy for someone looking for a light laptop. In the price range, this seemed the best choice and yep it delivered as expected. I haven’t had any issues with the laptop so far. Looking for a gaming laptop – Go for it”


  • RGB Backlighting keyboard
  • High-quality speaker
  • 256GB+1TB storage option
  • Superior display with 120Hz refresh rates
  • No heating issues


  • No

6. Acer Nitro 7

Acer is stepping its feet into the gaming world. Its Nitro series is taking a big share of the big video gaming world. The Acer Nitro 7 has everything to be used and called the next generation of a gaming laptop. The laptop shares a similar design and specs as of little brother Acer Nitro 5. The laptop shares a red and black blend and made of the subtle plastic body.

It comes with a full-sized keyboard. Keys are well spaced and already red-colored. When backlit, the red color keys look great and offer you a splendid view in the low light condition.

The laptop comes with 15.6 inches Full HD display. It offers 1920 x 1080 resolutions and shares a 60 Hz refresh rate. You will enjoy superior gaming and entertainment on it because of its vivid and accurate color production. The anti-glare angles, large wide viewing panels, and IPS panels are going to add in your watching experience.

It is powered with the Intel Core i5-9300H processor. The latest 9th generation processor determines that you get blazing fast processing speed without lagging behind. You would not the laptop stopping, freezing or slowing down when going through any amount of processing.

The gaming laptop’s visual section is decorated with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti of 6GB. This graphics card is going to blow you away with its superior performance. You take the laptop onboard for any video game. You are going to invest in the future if you spend money in to buy the laptop.

Furthermore, the laptop processor is also assisted by an 8GB DDR4 RAM. Though, the RAM size does not suit the needs of avid gamers or pro users. The use of an extra slot could come to rescue you. Extend the extra slot as per your need, and get the processing job done without any issue.

The laptop also incorporates 1TB SSD storage. Your loading time of apps and games will be reduced even more. And you will get better frame rates per second to compare to that laptop which features HDD storage.

Windows 10 home basic comes pre-installed. So you do not have to install Windows, get the right use of Windows and enjoy the premium features such as virtual assistant and other.

The laptop also shares an international warranty for one year. It is priced under one lakh Inr, you can save some good amount of money if you buy this laptop. Overall it is one of the best gaming laptops with all boxes checked right under one lakh RS.

Buyer’s review:

“This laptop play all game at all high to epic settings and you can get above 60 FPS in all games but I don’t think the screen is 144 screen rate laptop is bit heavy the edges are slightly sharp and the metal build was great the only thing is the CPU temp goes up to 90 to 95c but you can control temp by undervolting the CPU.

Overall this gaming laptop from Acer is really good at this budget I got it for 75k great laptop on a budget”


  • 1TB SSD storage is something you must value
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti 6GB graphics card ensures you get seamless gaming performance
  • The display comes with 300 nits brightness
  • Pre-installed windows 10 home basic


  • Less memory size
  • No RGB backlit keyboard

7. HP Omen

Omen is a premium gaming laptop line-up produced by HP. This laptop comes with the best specification and design you can expect under this price. The laptop comes equipped with the specification you do not expect. It stands out in gaming specs as well as performance.

The laptop offers a desktop-like feel with its aerial display. The two hinges lift the screen up and leave the air gap between the body and screen, and help you open the laptop without any big effort. It looks ravishing, and you do not have to think about the hinges irrespective of how many times you open it.

The Omen By HP laptop comes with RGB backlit keys and have WASD keys highlighted for the seamless gaming experience. So you feel like a complete game playing each time you roll hands-on playing a new game.

The laptop is powered with the 9th Gen Intel Core i7-9750H processor. The latest generation processor is going to help you a lot in terms of running heavy apps and AAA titles. The CPU is assisted by 4GB NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card to process the visuals. The latest generation video graphics card is helpful in running any game you wish with average to high settings.

Furthermore, the RAM size of the laptop falls at 8GB. This size of RAM though enough for a casual and avid gamer to play any game they wish. Still, this is a low size, and you expect something bigger than this at this price. So, the extra slot can be used to extend the RAM size up to 32GB.

The laptop comes with two storage options. You get traditional storage of 1TB AND 256GB of SSD storage. It would help you to keep the OS in SSD and games in HDD for quick and seamless gaming performance. Though, storing the games in HDD might not be that useful for gamers, as it takes more time to load the game every time.

The Omen series is also known for its long-lasting battery. It offers as long as 12-hours of battery with a single charging. So, on media, you can expect this much of Battery runtime.

Buyer’s review:

“Just bought it recently and loved it. My editing software works great. I haven’t tested any games though because I’m not into gaming much. Software like Adobe after Effects, Photoshop, Premiere pro run smoothly and no lag issues”


  • It shares a unique design
  • Dual storage option to help you store lots of movies and make them run at a good speed
  • RGB Backlighting keyboard mesmerize your gaming experience
  • The exceptional value of money


  • 8GB of RAM we do not expect at this price
  • Heavy

8. Lenovo Legion Y540

If you are looking for a gaming laptop that could also be used as a professional device for the time being, your search ends with Lenovo designed Legion Y540. The laptop is great at gaming, and you can count on it for running heavy apps for professional-grade videos and images editing. The laptop got the power to make you reach the next level of gaming. It would not disappoint you with gaming performance and help you to outshoot, outrun and outplay your competitors.

The laptop comes powered with an NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card of 4GB memory. The GPU is quite famous in running AAA titles of the game without possessing any rendering or lagging issue.

The laptop is further incorporated with the 9th generation core Intel I7-9750H processor with a 2.6 GHz base speed that goes up to 4.5 GHz. The combo of the ideal CPU and GPU is going to help you run any game you wish. It is more like investing in the future, invest just once and enjoy the gaming capabilities of the laptop for the games yet to release.

It comes with a 15.6-inch Full HD display with anti-glare technology, 250 Nits brightness, IPS panels, and anti-glare coating. The screen also renders superior refresh rates as high as 60FPS.

The memory section of the gaming laptop under one lakh is adorned with a 16 GB RAM. The RAM is enough to make you play any game, run any application and use any software as per your needs. It also has 1TB SSD storage to help you store as many games as you wish without sacrificing the speed.

The laptop comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home basic. The laptop also lets you enjoy the premium features of the activated genuine windows. Get the right use of the virtual assistant and enjoy the freedom to use countless applications.

The laptop has a good-sized keyboard with backlit enabled. You get the laptop functioning even in the low light conditions.

Buyer’s review:

“For the price, I got this (85990) this is an excellent laptop.

16 GB ram and SSD disk with an ample amount of cache memory makes it quite fast.

Although I did not buy it for gaming I do run some memory-consuming apps like Docker and at times VM and it runs well”


  • A great laptop with superior specification
  • It is amazing to have 1TB SSD
  • Pre-installed and Activated Windows 10 home basic
  • Cold Front and thermal cooling
  • Full HD screen with an impressive display and other accessories


  • Laptop battery drains quickly

9. Dell G3 3579

Dell is not a new name in the field of laptop production. The brand has been there for quite a long time and produced multiple series that are ranking high and giving close competition to many premium brands.

Dell G3 3579 laptop, by all means, is a pure gaming laptop. It has every ingredient requires to be called a superior gaming machine. It renders valid performance, and help you stay ahead in the competition always.

The laptop shares a 15.6 inches Full HD screen with IPS panels, anti-glare coating, Accurate color production that maximize your gaming experience. The laptop shares larger viewing angles, that from any angle of the screen you enjoy the same view without any difference.

It is powered with an i7-8750H processor with 2.2 GHz base speed. The memory size falls at 8GB DDR4, quite a low at this price though.

The storage department is decorated with 1TB HDD storage. The mentioned storage could help you store lots of games, but the absence of an SSD storage if felt and the extra slot can help you fix the issue.

The visual department of it is handled with NVidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB. Video performance along with video games could go without any issue.

The laptop shares an amazing range of specification looks great comes installed with genuine Windows 10 and above it is lightweight to help you carry around without any issue.

Buyer’s review:

“Form factor is great, corporate look PC with gaming resources works well with high-quality graphic-intensive games. Recommend to all serious game enthusiasts who use it for work purposes also.”


  • Latest generation processor onboard
  • Top-rated GPU to skyrocket visual processing
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lightweight
  • Superior display experience


  • 8GB RAM does not fit the needs
  • Absence of SSD

10. MSI Prestige PS42

If you are looking for an ultra-thin-looking compact machine to go through heavy processing and running the latest titles, go with MSI Prestige PS42 laptop. It has a Full HD display in a 14-inch screen, and viewing angle is larger than any other enlisted. You get the great display visible from all angles. It is speedy and would not fall behind at any time.

The laptop has a great name in the field of gaming laptop manufacturing. But, the series is new and still needs time to get ranked high.

The laptop offers 180-degree hinges. You get it turned into a tablet anytime you need it. The laptop also comes with a 512GB SSD storage. The storage is good for the money but it would not fit the needs of a pro gamer, as they love to store many games.

The laptop has an i5 8th gen processor and has 8GB DDR4 RAM. The RAM size does not fall right on our needs, and maybe you would have to use the extra slot onboard to extend the size up to 32GB.

The laptop has to share an impressive cooling mechanism. It would not heat-up even when you are involved in a heavy gaming session. It also comes with a fingerprint scanner that allows instant access without making you wait for a long time.

Buyer’s review:

“A very solid performing machine, I generally use it for coding and this machine suits very well for it. Has a very good battery back almost up to 7 to 8 solid hrs. Overall the machine is pretty impressive.”


  • Quick charging mechanism
  • It comes with superior gaming performance
  • It shares an elegant looking design
  • The cooling mechanism is helpful


  • It is not a gaming laptop at all
  • Does not have an adequate RAM size

How to buy the best laptop under 1 Lakh?

Many laptops in the market claim themselves the best but very few of them fall right on their claims. And choosing which one of them falls right on their claims is a hectic process. Whenever you go out to choose a laptop, the first thing is to know your purpose. You cannot just pick any laptop; you need to learn what you need.

Are you going to buy a laptop for gaming? Or have some professional needs parallel? After learning the needs, go with searching the models and buy one that comes with high-specs and good performance. These are some important points that help you choose the best laptop among the good.


Under the price 1 Lakh, you can easily get a laptop with a perfect processor. As you are going to spend big money, you expect an equal replica.

So, you should try hard to grab a cutting-edge processor with the latest generation. No gamer can afford to compromise on the performance of a laptop and performance is directly proportional to the processor. For casual as well as intense gaming, you need to have an efficient processor.

Under the price segment of One Lakh, you can easily find a processor like the 8th generation or 9th generation from Intel or AMD Ryzen Series.


The performance of a gaming laptop is determined by GPU. When you are going to pay a big money, you expect to have a good-sized processor. You cannot play the latest AAA titles without having a cutting-edge GPU.

In the price mentioned, you can have an RTX GPU. But with the RTX graphics card, you would witness the brand is cutting the corners. So, we should expect the GTX 1650 Graphics card with 4-6 GB of video memory.

If you grab a 1650 graphics card, you can expect a smooth sailing gaming performance. The added video memory is going to decide your future for gaming.


Ram size is going to decide your fate of multitasking. If you want a good laptop with superior multitasking performance, grab a good-sized ram. For gamers, the ram size becomes more important than casual users. As in multiplayer games where more than one player involved in an online game, that’s the RAM holds your real-time performance. As you are going to spend huge money, having at least 16GB ram is imperative.

If you do not get that size and get 8GB DDR4 RAM, look whether the laptop has an extended slot, as the slot would help you to extend the ram size up to your expected size.


Yes, storage plays a big role in making a laptop stand out. Look whether or not your laptop got the storage akin to the price you are paying. For the price being spent, we expect dual storage. First, look for the 1TB SSD storage. This price expects this storage size.

And suppose you do not get 1TB SSD, look for dual storage; 256GB SSD plus 1TB HDD. The SSD storage will be used for booting and HDD for storing lots of games, apps and other files.


Whichever laptop you are going to buy it should be portable. As you are buying a laptop to take it with you, and if a laptop is cumbersome to carry around, it would be hard for you to take it along you.

A lightweight laptop will help you to do your professional, personal and educational level computing without any issue.


For a laptop under 1 Lakh INR it is vital to have a close look at the display quality. The laptop at this price should equip with a good-sized display and screen. The majority of the laptops at this price come with 15.6 inches display size.

After checking the display, the next vital consideration is the resolution. The Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels is ideal for gaming.

The refresh rates are also important. Typically refresh rates from 60-120 Hz are considered good for average to the high game setting. The anti-glare coating, IPS panels, and larger viewing angles are also important.

The viewing angle helps users to view the screen from any angle without any distortion or skipping colors. In the same way, the anti-glare coating protects your eyes from the glare.

Cooling mechanism:

A cooling mechanism or heat-dissipating mechanism is a must check before putting a heavy amount into buying a laptop.

Yes, prolonged gaming session puts an extra strain on the vital organs of the laptop. And they produce an immense amount of heat. The extended heating may lead to components wear and tear and in severe condition melting down the vital specifications.

So, a gaming laptop should come with a heat-dissipating mechanism that sends off all the heat and cool down inside chassis.

The laptop should come with a powerful airflow system that easily cools down the heated components.

Battery Life:

The battery runtime largely depends on the consumption of a user. If you are not laying so much pressure on it, the laptop may stand an extended period of time as long as the battery is regarded. If you are playing AAA titles, you cannot expect the equivalent battery runtime.

Still, the battery should be good enough to last for 7-8 hours for normal computing.


As you are going to spend 1 Lakh into buying a laptop, conduct thorough research before finalizing a product. Check for the laptop’s specification, read their reviews and behold the previous buyer’s feedback regarding the performance of a particular laptop. If you could go visit a showroom physically, you can roll hands onto it before buying it online or offline. If your particular laptop does not meet the specification criteria you have made, check for whether it has upgrade options? If all goes well, go for that product and place an order.

We also have reviewed our top best laptops under 1 Lakh to buy in India above. You can read their reviews and check whine one of them falls right on your needs. We hope this guide will help you to find a good laptop as per your needs.