Best Laptops Under Rs 50,000 Price In India [2021]

Are you browsing the internet in searching for a best laptop under 50,000?

You have landed on the right spot. Here we are going to review top best laptops that fit your regular computing needs as well as let you roll hands on latest high-ended titles.

These hand-picked laptops have seen a long way before making this list. Our team read through thousands of products and picked these top 10 laptops under the price tag.

The list consists of laptops from all popular brands, and are highest rated on the biggest shopping portals.

So, you can find any of them as per your needs and requirements.

When you step out to buy a laptop for you, it is essential to consider what falls right on your needs. In my opinion, for every user, the needs and requirements are different. For frequent travelers, the focus would be on something that is lightweight. Gamers try to have the graphics cards and other features that help them in smooth gaming performance.

In a nutshell, you look for what you need and what falls right on your requirements.

List of Best Laptops Under Rs 50,000 to Buy:

The list consists of top laptops available on the market under 50,000 Indian rupees. Some of them are good for gamers, some for the business persons, some for the frequent travelers and a tiny portion makes an ideal grab for students.

So, we hope the list will help you in finding the best machine, a nice replica of your hard-earned money.

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1. HP 14s CR1005TU

Hp is not a new brand in the world of laptop manufacturing. The brand has earned a huge name in the computer world, and currently one of the leaders in business laptops. The brand is very famous among students, the reasons are; they are easy to carry, integrates cutting-edge features and comes in hands at a good price range. Though the laptop goes few notches up to our 50,000 price range, that extra money is well-spent.

The laptop looks good and features a 14-inches Full HD screen. The compact machine slips into your bag very easily and makes an ideal grab to carry around on campus, traveling and even in school. The screen packs more than 2 million pixels to enhance your viewing experience. Yes, the smaller in the screen size forced the brand to compromise on the keyboard. The keyboard comes with backlight enabled, but for an average user smaller in size and numeric pads are at the sides.

The 14-inches laptop shares a sturdy construction. It comes powered with an 8th generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor that makes your computing easy. The laptop enables you to throw any amount of computing tasks, and it would never let you down with the performance.

It also houses an adequate memory size. The RAM size of the HP leading product falls at 8GB DDR4 that is more than enough for an average businessperson, student or for a casual gamer.

As long as the storage section is concerned, the laptop exceeds your expectations. It comes incorporated with 256GB SSD storage and 1TB HDD drive. So, you get the speed and big of space to store anything you wish. With the dual storage option onboard, the storage of files, documents, games, and movies, everything becomes convenient.

Although the laptop does not integrate a dedicated graphics card, and at this price no one expects the same. Still, it comes powered with Intel 620UHD graphics which helps it to render high-quality video streaming. The integrated graphics card onboard makes it one of the best entertainment devices.

It comes with pre-installed Windows 10 home basic OS with life-time validity. With the latest Windows 10 onboard, users get the opportunity to use virtual assistants such as Cortana to handle installed apps and other computing tasks.

Last but not the least; the laptop has to offer a decent battery runtime. I mean, for a laptop under 50,000, 4-5 hours of battery time is more than expected.

Buyer’s review:

‘If you are looking for a laptop for study purposes this is very good for you. Everything is taken under consideration; its look is really adorable, 4-5 hrs battery life very good sound quality. You are getting Intel i-5 processor, window 10 home addition. So far I found everything well and good about this. Yaa if you are looking for a gaming laptop I won’t prefer this.’


  • The graphics are on par, help machine render buttery response on the screen
  • Superior storage option (SSD+HDD)
  • Light and compact
  • Looks good, makes a stylish statement
  • The powerful processor helps in processing


  • Not for gaming

2. Asus Laptop X512DA-EJ503T

If you are looking for a powerful option to do complex processing, your search ends with ASUS designed X512DA-EJ503T laptop. The laptop takes power from the AMD processor and leaves other competitors behind. The powerful processor helps users to multitask, switch between the apps and run heavy software and application without freezing, rendering or slowing down.

The powerful ASUS laptop comes powered with AMD Ryzen 5-3500U processor. The processor offers 2.1 GHz clock speed, and the addition of 8GB DDR4 RAM offers impressive power to go through any job you throw at it. The RAM size can be expanded up to 20 GB but for average processing, you would not feel upgrading.

The laptop comes incorporated with 512GB SSD storage. The big storage helps you organize and store your data without sacrificing reading/writing speed. Yes, it does not have any dedicated graphics card, and even the brand did not tout it as a gaming machine.

One of the most important and worth mentioning features of this cool looking machine is its screen. It features a 15-Inches Full HD display with good range-wide viewing angles and LED-backlit. The resolution of the screen lands at (1920×1080) pixel with anti-glaring panels and 45% NTSC. The best thing is despite features such as an amazing size of the screen, the laptop weighs just 1.7KG. You would not even feel the weight in your backpack. That makes the machine one of the most viable options for frequent travelers.

The anti-glaring angles the screen comes integrated with protecting your eyes and delivers an excellent viewing performance.

It also comes equipped with a fingerprint sensor. The sensors offer one-touch access to all programs, at the same time it is good for security reasons.

The battery runtime of the laptop is not something you should worry about. The laptop features a turbocharging feature where the battery goes up to 60% of the charging within 49 minutes.

Yes, the connectivity ports also play a key significance in a laptop’s performance. It has a combo audio jack, USB 2.0 Ports, One USB 3.0, and Type-A port, one USB 3.0 Type C-port and HDMI port.

Buyer’s review:

‘Excellent  laptop, It’s been 3 days since I have started using this; everything is smooth as silk when it comes to performance. Haven’t tried gaming, but according to industry reports, this will do for a bit of light gaming. Battery life depends on usage, but it usually is upwards of 5.5 hours. Backlit keyboard, minimum bezels, that 1.6 kg heft; all make up a pretty solid proposition for being the best laptop in the 45k price bracket.’


  • Processor speed in on par
  • The screen performance is unparalleled, majestic viewing angles and experience
  • A good number of connectivity ports
  • Fingerprint sensor for security reasons and to access apps with just one tap
  • Storage capacity at this price tag is phenomenal


  • No graphics card
  • AMD processor is what most of the users do not prefer

3. HP 15 da1041tu 2019 15.6-inch Laptop

HP is almost unbeatable in mid-range laptops. In our list of best laptops under 50,000, this is the second entry of HP, and we are expecting more products to come.

The laptop’s screen size is what you would love to own. The size of the screen makes a good pick for students, particularly engineering students who have to do lots of graphical things.

The laptop is powered with 8th Generation Intel Core i5-8265U processor with a boost speed of 3.9 GHz. The processor is fast and the mention of boost speed shows that no other machine can catch this up.

The laptop also integrates Intel UHD Graphics 620 to ensure better graphics representation on the screen. You do not have to worry about the heavy tasks related to graphics; the integrated graphics is there to help you out.

The best laptop for students comes equipped with 8GB DDR4 RAM. The RAM size is adequate and helps you open around two dozens of tabs in chrome. The RAM is coherent to multitasking, so you do not have to scratch your head when your laptop freezes.

The storage section is integrates with a 1TB HDD drive. The space is enormous and helps you store movies, songs and other files without giving a second thought to any heavy sized file.

It comes incorporated with adequate connectivity ports. Six connectivity ports help the youngsters to connect any external device and transfer data without any hiccup.

Yes, it comes installed with the latest Windows 10 home basic and you roll hands-on latest virtual assistant Cortana.

The laptop’s battery performance passes with flying colors. You would not behold such an amazing battery runtime in any other machine. I mean, can you imagine a laptop under 50,000 offers almost 13-hours of runtime?

Buyer’s review:

‘Writing this review after 15 days of use. Battery life is excellent. Screen quality is also good. Build quality is very good. (After 7 days search I bought this & I totally satisfied with the performance.) its value for money product.’


  • Impressive battery performance
  • Superior processor overplay others
  • Adequate storage capacity
  • Integrated graphics make it an option for the casual gamer


  • Absence of SSD storage
  • Speakers could have been better than this

4. ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DY-BQ002T

When it comes to buying a gaming laptop under 50,000, ASUS is difficult to compete with. The laptop has earned a huge name in crafting a certified gaming laptop that top gamers are using. So, this laptop is going to amaze you with its superb performance. If you are a gamer and are on a budget, do not skip this superb looking machine and tap on the order placing button.

The ASUS FX505UF looks like a pure gaming soul. It not only looks but it offers superior gaming performance. The Red and Black color blend gives an aggressive yet attractive color and makes a stylish statement in the gaming niche.

It comes with a full-size keyboard with backlit enabled. The keys though look a bit stiff and travel distance could have been improved than this.

The trackpad is large, responsive and effective and offers enhanced gesture support.

As long as the processor section is concerned, the laptop is not going to disappoint you. The integration of AMD Ryzen 5 3550H processor and a combination of the CPU with AMD Radeon RX560X GPU is going to double up the speed and performance. As I mentioned it is a pure gaming machine, its look, feel and speed all are on par with gaming.

The addition of 8GB DDR4 RAM is enough to help you tackle the latest title. The 8GB size is good to go, even avid gamers recommend having the mentioned size of random access memory.

The latest gaming laptop under 50,000 is going to amaze you with its superior display experience. The 15.6 inches Full HD display with Anti-glaring angles, IPS panels are mind-blowing.

The port and connectivity distribution of the laptop is ideal. It comes loaded with all necessary ports that an avid gamer would ever require. The range is two USB 3.0 A ports, a USB 2.0 port, HDMI and SD card along with an RJ 45 for wired internet connectivity.

The only downside, no we should not call it a downside; its battery life. The battery life is not that impressive, nor particularly disappointing.

Buyer’s review:

‘It is an amazing product. I am using this laptop from the last four days and I am impressed by its performance as it delivers full HD ultra-setting gameplay in CS go and PUBG.
It is amazing for Photoshop and video editing.’


  • Powerful skyrocketing processor
  • Top performer GPU
  • Easily upgradable
  • Adequate numbers of Connectivity ports


  • The display could have been better
  • Absence of SSD storage

5. Acer Nitro 5

If you are a gamer and looking for a gaming laptop under 50,000, that’s the finest grab you can have. The laptop is the cheapest gaming laptop offered by none other than, a leading gaming laptop manufacturing brand; Acer.

The build quality is superior. Everything from the pack panel to the keyboard looks good and built using good quality plastic. The black and red blend gives it more like a sports car loo. The machine showcases a pure gaming outlook and I think you must be looking something of the kind.

It has a famous processor; the CPU avid gamers prefer to have in their system. The AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Processor with 2.0 GHz Turbo Boost up to 360 GHz, the cutting-edge processor pairs with AMD Radeon RX 560X 4GB DDR5 graphics card to outplay others in the list.

This pure gaming bliss is going to outshoot, outrun and outplay others competitors in the gaming. It is a laptop that you can count on when going on for an online battle.

It has an 8GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB HDD storage. The storage type could have been SSD or at least a brand could have come up with a dual-storage option. Yes, it has another slot, what you can fill up with SSD storage to skyrocket the booting speed.

The laptop is going to offer you blazing speed when it comes to gaming. The graphics card onboard offers impressive gaming speed at 60fps. However, do not expect the same at 4K to keep the settings medium.

The battery runtime of the laptop falls at 7-hours. This is when you are using it casually, not for gaming. For gaming sessions, not just this laptop, but any other on the list or out cannot stand as long as 3-4 hours.

Buyer’s review:

‘The package arrived within 25 hours of order placement. The laptop looks fabulous and no heating issues while playing high graphic demanding games. Thank you, Acer. For rendering, editing and gaming purposes, choose this over Intel, Intel is what it is now only because of AMD.’


  • Upgradable RAM and storage
  • It is rare to behold a dedicated graphics card at this price
  • It looks great, gives an aesthetics look
  • More than 7-hours of battery
  • Windows 10 home basic pre-installed activated
  • Helps play AAA titles


  • Bulky, cumbersome to carry

6. Dell Inspiron 3542 15.6-inch Laptop

If you are a frequent traveler and looking for options that are lightweight and easy to carry around, your search ends with Dell designed Inspiron 3542 laptop. The laptop looks brilliant, showcases a sleek and elegant look without having compromise on the hardware specifications and above all performance.

The laptop is powered with the Intel Core i3 4005U processor with Turbo Boost speed 1.7 GHz. The added 4GB DDR4 RAM delivers more support to the machine and assists it to produce blazing speed to do heavy processing. The laptop is a beast in multi-tasking and you can take it on board if you indulge in online work more than often.

The hard disk space on the machine is 500GB HDD which is, in my opinion, more than enough for a traveler. The storage type could have been different; as people now prefer to have SSD storage rather than an HDD.

The laptop features a 15.6 inches Full HD screen with brilliant 1366×768 pixel screen resolution. You will have crispy, clearer and sharper images on the screen. You will have amazing videos and movies watching experience, more like watching something alive in front of the eyes.

The laptop weighs around 3.6 Kilograms which could have been lowered than this, still manageable. The 4-cell lithium-ion battery holds up the battery quite brilliantly and offers runtime around 5-6 hours with casual computing and movies watching.

It has all the essential connectivity and ports. So, you would be able to connect anything anywhere without any trouble.

Buyer’s review:

‘After using over 3 years with constant connection with the internet, 8 hours a day minimum, today in 2021 it’s still in the same condition even with no antivirus for last two years.. haha. It was an amazing purchase.’


  • Brilliant screen, clearer image production
  • Good sized battery
  • Ideal for travelers
  • Sturdy construction


  • People prefer SSD storage
  • Bulky

7. Dell Inspiron Core i5 8th Gen 8250U

Dell is another market leader when it comes to reliable, superior-performing, good looking and budget range laptops. The list of best laptops under 50,000 could not have been made without Dell’s inclusion. This laptop is going to blow you away with its performance as well as its sturdy construction.

The robust design Dell front-runner comes powered with Intel 8th generation Core i5 8250U Processor that reaches up to 3.4 GHz Turbo Boost speed.

The laptop shares an 8GB DDR4 RAM size which is a good addition. The size even supports gaming; a casual gamer can roll hands-on old games as well as AAA titles with low to average settings.

It also features 2TB HDD storage. As I described above the specs and performance is going to blow you away. In the list of best laptops below 50,000, you would not have seen the integration of 2TB storage.

The star of the night feature is its GPU. The laptop includes 2GB AMD dedicated graphics card that helps you play AA titles and make you watch high-resolution videos and movies.

It houses a 15.6 inches Full HD screen with wide viewing angles, IPS panels, and anti-glaring coating. These all features in the display helps in better screen watching experience, clearer image production and gazing at a distance without harming the eyesight.

The laptop has 2.25KG weight that makes it easy to carry around. As long as the battery section is concerned, it shares a good-sized battery. The battery withstands as long as 5-hours for movies watching, casual computing; not gaming.

Buyer’s review:

‘This Laptop is the best buy at present. With 8GB Ram and 2TB data and an i5 8th gen processor and 2GB Graphics card, this laptop is the best config that you can get from Dell at this price.’


  • Powerful CPU and GPU pairing
  • Impressive gaming performance, take it onboard for AA tiles
  • Unmatched 2TB HDD storage
  • 8GB DDR4 RAM at the price is rare to behold
  • Sturdy construction


  • The battery could have been improved than this
  • Go with if you do not like SSD

8. HP 14-inch Core i5 8th Gen FHD Laptop

If your job is related to the IT sector or you are an IT student that needs something out of the box, and super-fast, the product is right there in front of you. This HP machine is super-performer, it comes integrates with a blazing fast processor, integrated graphics and an adequate memory size.

This HP laptop is different from the above-mentioned products. In fact, every HP product is different and hits a totally different niche. This laptop comes powered with 8th generation Intel Core i5-8265U 8th processor with a base speed of 1.6 GHz.

Other than the high-speed processor, the machine also has an integrated graphics card. I mean the presence of Intel UHD graphics really helps it to makes a difference and help it to render high-quality movies and videos. It might not be perfect for playing AAA titles video games, but it is enough fast to fits the needs of an IT student.

The memory section is adorned with 8GB DDR4 RAM and 1TB HDD storage. The RAM option is adequate and helps to get the processing reach to the next level. But, the storage section is powered with HDD storage, which can be a downside and users take it very seriously.

Yes, the laptop is compact and lightweight. It has 14-inches Full HD screen with anti-glaring angles and IPS panels onboard. The wide viewing angles are quite superb and help users behold the screen from any angle without any difference.

The presence of all necessary ports to connect it to any external media or storage device makes a perfect option. You can ensure the smooth connection of Amazon Fire TV Stick and other devices anywhere.

The last but not the least, the battery runtime of this machine is not going to let you down. With its superb battery runtime, as long as 6-7 hours is something must account before taking a final decision.

Buyer’s review:

‘I just received the laptop. Everything is expected, Display so smooth and sharp. Loving it. Windows and office both got activated. Thin & really light. Booting is slow actually don’t know why. I will write a review again in a couple of days. Go for it!’


  • The process is super-fast
  • The screen quality is amazing, particularly its IPS panels help gaze screen at any angle
  • Big storage
  • Compact size and lightweight as well


  • Due to the compactness, Keyboard size is compromised
  • The storage is HDD type

9. ASUS VivoBook 15 X510UF

If you are looking for a compact sleek looking machine that comes in hands without costing big price, go with Asus VivoBook 15. The laptop has everything that makes it the leading machine. I mean, it has a superb specification, amazing performance, eye-catching design and above all it comes under the budget what we are going to spend.

It is a beautiful combination of beauty and performance and available in many color options.

It is a perfect pick if you are the one who deals with complex processing. You can take it on board for creating an assignment for college, doing some business work, or have it for casual computing.

It has an 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U processor that reached up to 3.4 GHz clock speed. The processor is enough fast to tackle any level of processing without rendering, freezing or getting slow.

It has 15.6 inches Full HD LED-backlit display, the wide viewing angles are great, and the anti-glaring coating helps you to use it on a sunny day without fading the display out.

Yes, it has a 4GB DDR4 RAM that is a downside obviously. But there is another slot that makes you upgrade it up to 16GB.

It has a dedicated graphics card, NVidia GeForce MX 130 graphics card. The GPU is not going to help to play AAA titles but low ended video games.

It also has 1TB HDD storage that helps you store anything you wish.

The best business laptop under 50,000 has a full-sized backlit enabled chiclet keyboard with good travel distance and tactile feedback. It makes a good laptop with a good keyboard for typing. The Windows 10-home basic activated help you enjoy the latest features of the leading OS giant. You also get virtual assistant onboard, Cortana is something that eases down lots of computing stuff.

Buyer’s review:

‘I think it is the best laptop in this price segment because it gives all feathers which you want as fingerprint, backlit keyboard, and fast charging… if u want to buy a laptop and your budget is 50-55k so go for it … If you think that I am saying right so please hit the helpful … And if your any questions you can ask.’


  • A perfect laptop for casual computing
  • It has the latest generation processor to help solve complex processing
  • Impressive screen display and resolution
  • A full-sized keyboard with backlit enabled
  • Dedicated graphics card help in image processing


  • GB RAM is something you do not expect at this price
  • The battery performance is below average

10. Lenovo Ideapad S340

The model has a different configuration in the CPU. The model that we are going to review has a 10th generation Core i3 CPU. That’s an entry-level configuration with the 10th generation; you can go up if you have more money to spend.

The star of the show feature of this laptop is obviously the latest generation processor. It has a 10th generation Intel Core i3-1005G1 processor that offers matchless processing speed. The processor is incredibly fast and removes others from the competition. Another worth mentioning feature of this laptop is it is incredibly lightweight. For the people who love to travel and need something ultra-lightweight, get hands-on this product.

It has a 14 inches Full HD thin Bezel display with Anti-glare technology and IPS panels onboard. The viewing angles are on par and offers impressive gazing from any angle up to 178-degree.

The two side narrow bezels and anti-glare screens make an ideal viewing angle. The Full HD screen delivers a clearer, sharper display of more than 2 million pixels to provide good viewing experience.

The laptop shares 8GB RAM with an extra slot for another RAM. You can take another RAM on board to expand the RAM size up to 32GB. The storage of the laptop lands at 256GB SSD, that means you get blazing reading and writing speed.

The laptop got a full-sized keyboard with backlit enabled. You do not have to worry in low light conditions to get the computing job done.

Buyer’s review:

‘Really good product from Lenovo!!The screen quality is awesome and feels really good to view at all angles…plus the SSD is a major plus point that one is getting here. I strongly suggest this product…AND great job by amazon. The product was delivered by amazon in perfect condition at the estimated date of delivery!! So kudos to amazon!’


  • Latest 10th generation processor got a good weightage
  • Excellent performance
  • Makes an ideal option for someone who uses it daily
  • Incredible display
  • Reverse USB charging


  • No fingerprint sensor

How to buy a laptop under 50,000 [Buying Guide]

Buying a laptop requires experience. If you have no experience of buying a laptop it would be hard for you to land on a machine that fits your needs. To help you buy a quality laptop under this price tag, we decided to write a detailed guide. The guide will mentionsome of the important things to look into a laptop. So, stick to this guide and I am pretty sure, it will help you to find a machine that falls on your needs.


A laptop’s size is one of the vital important attributes to look at. This is not something you could change or upgrade like RAM and Storage. If you are a frequent traveler and need a convertible machine, the recommended size is 11.6 inches. For gamer and casual use, experts recommend 15-15.6 inches size. If you stay at home mostly and use the laptop at your home, you may go with a 17.3 inches size. The bigger size would not impact negatively on your eyesight.


In the end, you would be watching the screen. The screen quality should be something that would not devastate your experience.

These days, touchscreen laptops are getting popularity. The touchscreen laptops share a glossy screen, not well for the eyesight. For casual using as well as for a gamer, the recommend resolution of the screen is 1920 X 1080p; it is a full HD display.

At this resolution, you will have clearer, crisper and buttery results on the screen.

Other than the screen quality and size, it should also house other bells and whistles. Such as it should have a good wide viewing angle, its refresh rates should be on par, and above all, it should integrate IPS panels.


For a gamer, casual using or for a student, the keyboard plays a key significance. If a laptop does not have a full-sized keyboard, it lacks the backlit keys and has a poor key travel time, you would not be happy with the typing experience. It will make you tired, pains in the fingers and above all less output.

So, look for the keyboard with good spaced keys, adequate key travel speed and above all full-sized. The backlit keys help you get the job going in the low light environment.


CPU aka Central Processing Unit is the brain of computer. You should never compromise the quality of the processor. You cannot just change the processor generation and other features related to this.

People mostly prefer buying Intel processor as they are reliable and render optimum processing power. The AMD processors are also taking a good share out of the CPU world, but way less than the latter.

For casual computing, as well as gaming and other tasks handling, it would be ideal to have a 5th or 7th generation processor with core i3, core i5 or Core i7.

Core i3 is an entry-level processor, the cost of the processor hikes as you go for a powerful processor.


Gone are the days when people were happier with 4GB RAM. Today’s computing tasks are way complex to handle with 4GB RAM. Your laptop at least should integrated 8GB RAM, and that’s a good size for casual computing.

And if you deal with complex processing and run heavy apps, maybe 16GB fills the bills. For gamers, the RAM plays a role but GPU is more important than RAM. As, RAM plays a role in multi-tasking, and while playing a game you are just focused on playing games, not dealing with more than one operation simultaneously.

Storage Capacity:

The HDD drives were the norms few years back. Now, they have gone out of fashion, and SSD has completely taken their place. Now a day, you rarely behold someone having an HDD hard. And that’s true; the traditional drives are very slow compare to SSD. Once you get to start using SSD, you can never adjust with the traditional drives.

If you want to see a boost in your performance, reading/writing, and copying, just remember one thing, have an SSD drive.

And under this price hood, you can easily grab a 512GB SSD hard or 256GB SSD+ 500TB HDD.


Graphical processing unit aka Graphics card is also something important if you are a gamer or deal with complex graphics processing. Although it is hard to grab a dedicated graphics card at the price under 50,000, still it would be good if you could grab one.


We have reviewed the top best laptops under 50000 in India. The list contains top-rated, most followed and best performing laptops. All laptops share premium quality, superb specification and meet average user needs of computing and gaming.

In the list of best laptops, a few of them are for gaming; some are good for programming, office use and for students.

We have penned down a detailed review of them, put advantages and disadvantages and also provided you with the buyer’s review.

You should have a bird’s eye view of these reviews and look at which one of them falls right on your needs, requirements, and budget.

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